Crack Down on Your Dirty Tile Floors

Schedule grout cleaning in Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach, FL

Grout that’s dirty, stained or worn can make your floors look shabby and unattractive. Simply replacing the grout can give your tile floors an instant upgrade. Contrast Tile & Marble Restoration, Inc. offers grouts cleaning services designed to transform the look of your tile floors. You can rely on our professional crew to:
  • Remove the old grout
  • Replace with new grout
  • Color seal the new grout

The color seal process allows us to match the color of your original grout and protect the new grout from spills or stains. Call now to schedule grout cleaning for your tile floors, and we’ll make them look brand-new again.

New customers receive 10% off our grout cleaning service

Take advantage of this huge savings by calling now to schedule grout cleaning. You can trust our professional team to do quality work using the best products available. Call Contrast Marble Restoration today at 954-366-4057.